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The A / B of TV

Over the New Year holiday period in Japan, despite my general distain for every day TV, I've been entertained by one TV programme that runs every year, called "A or B". A sort of game show, the contestants , usually a pair of are well-known celebrities, to tell the difference between the real and the replica, the high quality and the low quality.  Each stage focuses on something different but the categories are usually fairly stable each year, comprising food, musical instruments - Strads versus Yamahas - professional versus amateur dance and the like. Despite it  being absent the last few years, the category that made me most curious above the entertainment value, was the film section. Here, the same sequence of a drama using the same setting and actors, was filmed by a professional and an amateur. Invariably I'd get it wrong. But more than that, I usually thought that the amateur's version was better.

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